BUVI at Costa Concordia
BUVI is interviewed in SVT1 Good Morning Sweden
Pictures from Costa Concordia and the island of Giglio Italy
Here are pictures from everyday life next to the big salvage project that has touched and affected everyone on the little island of Giglio in one way or another.

For over two years, practically everyone who lived on the island worked to service and fix for those who worked with Costa Concnordia and for those who toured to see Costa Concordia.
... and also let those who lost someone just stand, cry and remember.

The Costa Concordia tragedy is a memory of contrasts that will always be found on this beautiful Italian island in good and bad.

The pictures were taken by Marie Fleetwood BUVI Scandinavia
BUVI is interviewed in TV4 "Good Morning"
Costa Concordia: Salvaging a shipwreck
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