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Artemis SAR Sonar System

Artemis SAR
is a new product created to locate and rescue quickly. The sonar is mounted on a telescopic pole with an associated sonar computer where you can quickly and efficiently search over large areas via the sonar image. Perfect to use for example at quay, stagnant boat, confined spaces, crevices, rivers etc.

Product facts Artemis SAR Sonar System
  • Dual frequencies, 1.2MHz or 2.1MHz
  • 130 ° or 60 ° field of view
  • Total weight approx: 9 kg
  • Battery life at least 8 hours
  • Establishment time under 1 minute
  • Waterproof handheld sonar computer
  • Tiltable bracket for the sonar
  • Telescopic Post
Artemis SAR is a sought after product that is adapted to be used by one person. The sonar computer with screen is waterproof and functions in all weather. Its compact size allows it to be transported in a passenger car and deployed quickly to get an overview at a so-called "hotspot". The sonar computer can record sonar movies, take sonar photos and set the sonar distance. The software is user-friendly and suited for use even after a first quick introductory training.

The sonar is Blueprint Subsea's most high-resolution Oculus sonar for best image reproduction.
When seconds are counted and lives are to be saved
Lifesaving exercise with the Sörmlands Coast Fire brigades rescue divers.
Two people on the bottom should be rescued by divers in poor water view. The divers are almost in front of the people who are under an abandoned quay, but they do not see and turn to the search pattern, which makes them lose valuable seconds. Everything is monitored and clearly seen with sonar. If the dive management had access to sonar, they would have been able to guide the divers right away.
Sonar on pole, live sonar image and data in Aremis
Artemis SAR sonar system on a pole
Artemis SAR Sonar is easy to handle
Artemis SAR Sonar System - be quick in water
Artemis SAR Sonar System - be quick in water and seach large area
Artemis SAR Sonar System
see large area under water immediately
Artemis SAR Sonar System available at BUVI Scandinavia
Sonar image

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