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Seatrac Positioning & Navigation system

Blue Print Seatrac is an innovative USBL positioning system. It is primarily designed to keep in contact with ROV and divers underwater. By also connecting a GNSS / GPS antenna, Seatrac gives a position underwater.

Micro-USBL tracking and data modem for simultaneously tracking asset positions and undertaking bidirectional data exchange. This means that you know precisely where you are going and can track your movement underwater by tracing your path and marking your position. When paired with SubNav™ software, this is an outstanding benefit. This is very helpful for professionals who count on precise coordinates and reliability.

Seatrac positioning

Seatrac uses the very latest in acoustic technology, which provides a safer communication between transmitter and receiver.

By connecting an acoustic modem X150 on the surface to a software that also communicates with GPS position, one or more divers and ROV with, for example, an X010 unit, can be positioned below the surface. It is also possible, if necessary, to communicate between divers and surface units via this type of modem. Most commonly, this equipment is used to position objects under the surface. These are then marked on maps or charts.

Most of our ROVs can be equipped with X010 type positioning as it only requires power or a dedicated battery to operate under the surface.

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