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Service , Support and Maintenance

When something happens, accessibility is worth everything in that moment!
Buvi's philosophy is to work closely with the customer. You should feel that we exist as a team to support you in your investment in education, service and maintenance. We are also happy to go with you into the real world and contribute our expertise so that together we can solve your challenges and/or make suggestions so that your projects flow as smoothly as possible.
Service & maintenance
Service is recommended at least once a year to ensure long service life and reliable operation. In special cases it may be recommended more than once a year. Talk to us for advice on your special case.

Tired of repair costs? Read about BUVI Scandinavias Trade in program.

Trade in
Services include:
  • Control of all functions of ROV systems
  • Control of external damage to SUB
  • General troubleshooting
  • Dismantling SUB inspection and cleaning of all air-filled compartments
  • Control of electronics and mechanics
  • Replacement of O-rings on domes, lamps and motors
  • Filling dry air in SUB until humidity level falls below 25%
  • Leak testing of ROV
  • Documentation with pictures
  • Report containing a checklist for everything above
  • Automatic notification for annual service

Price for complete service as described above is 3900.- SEK
Shipping round trip is included.
For system errors detected during service, you as a customer will be told what should be improved.

It is always you as a customer who makes the final decision on what to do. You will then receive a written offer for improvement.

The cost of troubleshooting is 1500.- SEK

In connection with service, this is included in the service assignment.
Shipping round trip is included.

Why choose BUVI Scandinavia

BUVI is flexible, solution-focused and takes care of what you need.
We do not sell products, we work together with you as a customer for solutions that do the job.
Support & Service
The availability when something has happened is worth everything in that moment.
When you choose BUVI, we become a team. There is no US and YOU, we think together as one. We are partners.

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