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Underwater Cutting - Dismantling

Underwater cutting and dismantling

Cutting underwater is a demanding and risky job. Therefore, the work must be carried out in the right way by the experienced and knowledgeable companies that have the right equipment and work environment. Lucatelli Underwater Engineering has many years of experience from, among other things, large salvage projects and offshore work, which is why BUVI Scandinavia collaborates with Lucatelli in various types of underwater services.

The underwater cutting service

is available through BUVI Scandinavia

Cutting with diamond wire

is effective both underwater and when construction is salvaged to the surface as there is minimal dust when cutting for example rock ,reinforced concrete and steel blocks with diamond wire cutting in dry condition
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Cutting and dismantling under water
WRECK OF OLD USA ship Williamsburg under cutting
Cutting pipes & piles with diamond wire in underwater condition
Cutting machine installed underwater
Cutting steel pylon filled with concrete underwater
Cutting underwater with diamond wire
Dubble guillotine cutting underwater
Hidden surprise stored inside the wreck. Discovered after cutting
TASK - rock ,reinforced concrete and steel blocks with diamond wire cutting in dry condition
Heavy and wide structure dismantling in underwater condition. RANGE OF CUTTING up to 15 mt wide structure with diamond, hydraulically powered.
300 ton bumper for grout bags retention on the see bottom
Platform cut operation and removal
Doubble cutting under water
Inside well highlighted cut of different materials
Wreck stern cut in 1 whole piece with all structures inside

BUVI Scandinavia

BUVI Scandinavia in cooperation with Lucatelli-Underwater Engineering and iRov Underwater Services.