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During a successful demonstration of Oceanbotics ROV with Oculus sonar

This film of an unknown wreck clearly shows how well the sonar is integrated in the ROV's software SubNav,

as well as how crucial it is to have a good sonar in poor water visibility.

Ocean Discovery has purchased an Oculus sonar from BUVI Scandinavia which is used precisely in the inventory and location of wrecks.

Ocean Discovery was founded in 1995 and has developed from a diving company to specialists in ROV inspections. We perform all forms of inspection assignments, from the simplest video documentation of ports to advanced investigations of environmentally hazardous wrecks with 3D scanning technology and hull thickness measurements with ultrasound. We also do wreck searches and side scan sonar examinations and we have one of the market's most advanced equipment.

Read more about Ocean Disovery: www.oceandiscovery.org

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