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At the campus in Karlskrona,

This is where the university's underwater lab is created
Published March 23, 2021

At the campus in Karlskrona, an underwater laboratory will soon open, where students and researchers at Blekinge University of Technology will perform unique experiments in marine technology.

The Master’s Degree program in Marine technology at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden is unique because it focuses on marine engineering systems and now students can meet companies and the public sector to perform laboratory work and experiments - right next to the classroom.

In Denmarks bay, an underwater lab is being created. With the help of a so-called ROV, students can learn to examine, for example, cables and other objects on the seabed. - It means a lot, because the students have an opportunity to work practically.

-We have the water only a few meters away and it underlines how good opportunities we have for good education here, says Oskar Frånberg who is an associate professor and program manager at BTH.

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Not just for students - to the delight of NKT
The project is run by Blue Science Park and funded by Region Blekinge. The underwater lab will be of great joy to several local participants, including NKT.

This is an industry that can be risky and is in need of expanding expertise.

- Here we get a fairly realistic miniature environment of what we do on a large scale out on the North Sea. We know that we must know more and have our own knowledge of things, says Jan Filke, responsible for submarine cable installations at NKT.

//Cajsa Bengtsson
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