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Today, ROV Pilots are trained at BUVI Academy

BUVI Scandinavia make a service at a ROV system and trains new ROV Pilots at the Swedish Coast and Sea Center.

Swedish Coast Sea Center is a non-profit and non-profit association. SCSC is independent of the state, the county, religious, political and private interests. SCSC works to get all stakeholders i.e. state, municipality, county council, business and all citizens and tourists to understand the importance of everything we do in our coastal and sea area, directly affects what we ourselves will experience and the legacy we leave behind to future generations.

The vision is to achieve ecologically sustainable seas and coasts with a well-preserved cultural heritage.
Cultural heritage means marine antiquities such as shipwrecks, aircraft wrecks, older port sites, fairway barriers, mooring moorings, tubs, older fishing and trapping facilities, Stone Age settlements and other relics that bring historical events to life.

The idea is that SCSC will be a natural center of knowledge for Sweden's coasts and seas. Furthermore, SCSC shall conduct an active activity to discover and preserve what is in and around our coasts and seas. The association must also actively contribute to identifying possible threats through active research and studies. With the accumulated knowledge, SCSC will conduct information and educational activities in areas such as Archeology, Biology and Geology.

BUVI Scandinavia thank´s SCSC for the trust and will be there for SCSC with support and help.

Contact: buvi@buviscandinavia.com