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BUVI Scandinavia participates in Aqua Nor

BUVI Scandinavia is exhibiting at Aqua Nor in Trondheim 24-27 August. You will find us at: Exhibition area: S (Skansen)

There we will show and demonstrate Oceanbotics SRV-8 ROV & GT1mini ROV.

Oceanbotics SRV-8 ROV with:
  • Oculus Sonar
  • SeaTrac Positioning & Navigation
  • Manipulator
The underwater ROV for Professionals!
SRV-8 come equipped with the SubNav™ software as well as additional external connection ports for easy integration with a variety of partner accessories. Professionals who are working hard in various industries across the globe can customize the SRV-8 with equipment crucial to the mission at hand.

SRV-8 ROV is for sure the underwater ROV for Professionals!
The Software SubNav is well thought out, developed for the user's needs! It is great help when you are able to get all the information on the same screen and the same movie. You do not have to put a puzzle between the position system, the sonar and the ROV video. Everything is integrated! It does not have to be difficult! Choose the right tool for your mission.

GT1 mini ROV with:
  • Oculus Sonar
  • HD Camera
  • Manipulator
A simple and competent ROV for reasonable money.
  • Quick to get in water.
  • Easy to understand and manage.
  • No external power source required.
  • Easy equipment to bring.
  • HD camera

Used today by, among others, rescue services. Modern competent technology.

Contact: buvi@buviscandinavia.com
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